Vacuum Pumps in Overhead Cranes

A good connection between a crane and the item it’s lifting is crucial to its operation. All overhead cranes must be able to lift up items and move them around without being at risk of slipping off and causing real harm. One way how you can create a secure seal between the crane and an object that needs lifting is through the use of a vacuum pump.

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Venturi vacuum pump is a great product that removes gas molecules from an area. This will create a partial vacuum. The lack of gas means that a proper seal will be generated. In particular, the item on the end of the crane will stick onto that crane without being at risk of sliding off.

How it Works

Venturi vacuum will work using a few steps:

1.      First, a proper vacuum pump must be added onto the end of the crane. Overhead cranes can support many pump devices including oval and round-shaped options. The oval-shaped choice typically works best for narrow or slim items that are longer than they are wide.

2.      Next, the pump will be laid out right onto a flat surface of whatever has to be lifted up.

3.      The pump will be pressed directly onto the surface. This will allow the air to be removed quickly and effectively.

4.      The vacuum generator will then secure the seal. The crane can then lift the item and move it anywhere.

5.      After moving the item to its new space, the crane can push down again on the flat surface to potentially reduce the power of the vacuum. This in turn should allow the vacuum seal to be cleared out. The seal should not be as strong at this point as some air particles may have gotten into the vacuum, thus weakening the overall seal.

This is a great procedure that many overhead cranes can use. When handled properly it will make it a little easier for the crane to work carefully and effectively.

A Few Pointers

As ideal as this can be, you need to use a few particular standards to make the task worthwhile while keeping you from getting into serious problems, like losing the grip:

·    You should spend as little time moving your items as possible. There is always that threat of the vacuum seal becoming weak due to the air coming into it while moving the item, thus potentially causing the payload to slip off of the crane.

·    Always use a flat surface while lifting an item. Don’t ever try to add a pump to a rugged or uneven surface as it might be hard for the item to be lifted here.

·     Keep the vacuum seal as parallel to the ground as possible. Failing to do this can cause some air to get into the seal and cause some potential damages.

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