Is It Time to Change Your Family Lawyer? Find Out!!

Realizing that your divorce process is not going well, even after hiring a competent family lawyer can be very disappointing. This is because finding a new attorney means you have wasted your money and time. The new attorney will have to begin from scratch to understand your case. However, if you are not satisfied with your attorney, you should not persevere. Remember that in a divorce case, all deal points and negotiations go via your attorney. If your family lawyer is an unimpressive litigator, a poor negotiator or fails to clearly understand the complexity of your case, you may be at the losing end. Below are signs you need to find a new Family lawyer Alexandria MN has to offer.

family lawyer Alexandria MN

The attorney refuses to answer your questions or return calls

Definitely, you lawyer may not pick up your phone every time you call. He or she may also be unable to respond to your questions every time you ask.  This is because the family lawyer Alexandria MN has today is found mostly in court, especially during the morning hours.  It is important to let the attorney know the kind of communication you expect from the outset. If the lawyer is genuinely busy, it is okay. However being unresponsive is a reason enough to look for another lawyer.

You Feel Intimidated or Bullied by Your Lawyer

It is certain that attorneys especially litigators can be intimidating at times.  You want a family attorney Albertville MN has today, who has an impressive courtroom experience, knowledge and presence. The attorney also requires having the ability to outdo and intimidate his or her opponent in court.  However, it may be very challenging to work with an attorney who intimidates you. Remember your lawyer works for you. He or she should understand the nature of the relationship that exists between you and him/her.  Otherwise, consider saying goodbye.

You Feel Worse Wherever You Visit Your Lawyer’s Office

The family attorney St Cloud MN has to offer cannot promise you that you will have all that you want. In the divorce negotiation, the lawyer will have to negotiate and not make demands.  If you have no confidence that the family attorney Central MN offers can negotiate a good settlement, you are likely to feel hopeless.

The Attorney Has No Expertise on Areas Critical to the Case

The divorce process is very complicated. Special circumstances, such as involvement of dual citizenship, can complicate it further. You would not want to realize that the family attorney Central MN has to offer has no ability to handle your case after you have paid the retainer fee. Get to know factors that make your case challenging and ensure your attorney has successfully handled a similar case in the past.


It is advisable to maintain a good working relationship with the family lawyer Alexandria MN has to offer for a successful court proceeding.  Thinking financially and not emotionally when facing a divorce is important. Even if your marriage was about love, your divorce is about securing the best financial situation possible.  To get the best legal presentation, research well to determine the best family lawyer to hire.

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